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Harriet Cole's Nerves

Harriet Cole's Nerves

Harriet Cole was a maid employed at what is known today as Drexel's College of Medicine. In the late 19th century, it was called Hahnemann Medical College, and it was the place of employment of Dr. Rufus Weaver, professor of anatomy. Among Harriet's duties was cleaning up the room where Weaver dissected cadavers with his medical students. Upon her death, and after leaving her body to assist Dr. Weaver in his work, he then proceeded with a medical "first" - the complete dissection and mounting of Harriet's nervous system, a process that took him over five months of full-time work. Today you can see Harriet's nervous stystem on display.



Medical Oddity

Drexel College of Medicine Bookstore
2900 W Queen Ln.

Philadelphia, PA



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Harriet Cole's Nerves

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Harriet Cole's Nerves
Harriet Cole's Nerves

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