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Baker Bowl Site

Baker Bowl Site

Baker Bowl is was home to the Philadelpha Phillies when they won the National Baseball league penent in 1915, and was also the first home field of the Philadelphia Eagles, who played there from 1933 through 1935. A Pennsylvania Historical marker stands on Broad Street just north of West Huntingdon Street. The marker is titled, Baker Bowl National League Park and the text reads: "The Phillies' baseball park from its opening in 1887 until 1938. Rebuilt 1895; hailed as nation's finest stadium. Site of first World Series attended by U.S. President, 1915; Negro League World Series, 1924-26; Babe Ruth's last major league game, 1935. Razed 1950.



Historic Ballpark

2622 N Broad St.

Philadelphia, PA


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Baker Bowl Site

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Baker Bowl Site
Baker Bowl Site

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