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SS United States

SS United States

The SS United States, the world's fastest ocean liner, isn't just a marvel of technology: she's a living icon of the American dream. Entirely Made in America by over 3,000 pairs of tireless hands, and with products and components from every state in the nation, the SS United States was a global ambassador and the pinnacle of mid-century maritime design. She debuted in 1952 as the most powerful, modern, and advanced passenger liner ever built, smashing the transatlantic speed record on her maiden voyage. Because the vessel is located at a working pier and is subject to Homeland Security regulations, access to the vessel's pier is restricted. However, an excellent view of the vessel for the general public can be seen from Columbus Boulevard or from the IKEA cafeteria in Columbus Commons across the street.



Unique Ocean Liner

2100 S Columbus Blvd, Pier 82

Philadelphia, PA



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SS United States

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SS United States
SS United States

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