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Philly's Historic French Village

Visit A 1920's French Themed Village

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Walking through this hidden gem will transport you to rural France. Inspired by medieval farmsteads and manors of the Normandy countryside, Mt. Airy's charming "French Village" is a residential community of 24 picturesque homes designed between 1924 and 1929.

The village was built within walking distance from the local train station as the area became a railroad suburb for affluent professionals working in center city. By design, the community is "hidden" and hard to see from the surrounding roads; however, beautiful gatehouses can be clearly viewed at the entrances.

The homes were constructed in a variety of styles, but most share similar design elements like octagonal and circular stairtowers, hipped roofs with overhanging eaves, and high stone walls along the village perimeter.

The village was developed by George Woodward, son-in-law of prominent businessman and philanthropist Henry Houston. Woodward hired the some of most renowned Philly architects of the time to design the village using local Wissahickon schist on land once owned by Houston.

In November 2021, the French Village Historic District was unanimously voted to the Local Register of Historic Places.

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